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3_GDSN-Pool: GDSN data pool
GDSN data pool
GDSN data pool

To achieve an efficient, standardised master data exchange process flow, REWE Group Buying essentially relies on the electronic exchange of master data, using the GDSN Data Pool.

1. What is GDSN?
GDSN stands for Global Data Synchronisation Network and refers to the international standard for  the exchange of electronic master data. There are around master data pools around the world that are compatible with the GDSN. The company 1WorldSync provides one of the GDSN-capable datapools in Germany and it also provides the corresponding services for industry and trade.

2. What is a GDSN datapool?
Manufacturers and traders can use a GDSN datapool to exchange master data with each other. To do this, data from the manufacturer or supplier only needs to be entered into a datapool once and it can then be accessed by all traders. When the data is published,  there is also essentially an option only to provide this data to selected trading partners.

3. What is the Data Quality Gate and why is it important?
The DQG is fixed part of the GDSN datapool. The master data that has been entered is automatically validated here. This results in meaningful testing reports and error protocols. The REWE Group expects suppliers to process these DQG reports quickly so that we only receive correct data.
Smart Data One GmbH’s YouTube channel contains two good explanation videos on the subjects of “DQG - What is it?”  and “DQG – How it works”.

4. What are the advantages for suppliers?
• The master data only needs to be provided once for all trade business partners
• The way the items are entered complies with GDSN.
• Standardised data formats
• Improved information transparency
• Easy switch-over to EDI
• Optimisation of transport and logistics

5. Which is the best solution for master data synchronisation?
If you have several trade customers, then transferring your master data into the GDSN datapool is generally the right solution. This method of transferring master data to all trade partners is subject to a cost. The REWE Group also offers the option to publish it exclusively to the REWE Group using the REWE Group Master Data Portal (RAP). The RAP is also a datapool that conforms to GDSN which is financed by the REWE Group and is operated and managed by 1WorldSync. If your master data is mainly published to the REWE Group, then RAP may be the right solution for you.


6. Contact person
Supplier onboarding at the REWE Group
E-Mail: onboarding@rewe-group.com

Contact person
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7. Further information/links
1WorldSync website
GS1 website
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Access to RAP
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