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3_Artikelstammdaten_Produktabbildung: Recommendation for use of product images
Recommendation for use of product images
Recommendation for use of product images

Specification of the image data.
See the specification for product images and media assets-FMCG for the guidelines relating to the creation of product images. The document is available for all GS1 users.

Since 20.10.2020 the following innovations are available for specification:

1. Chapter 2.3: Delete X19-X21 from File Naming : Update on Definitions

2. Chapter 2.3: Update of figures

3. Chapter 2.4: Addition of a note on using compression formats such as ZIP, WINZIP, 7ZIP

4. Chapter Specifying the Mobile Ready Hero Image

5. Chapter 2.3.2.: Specifiying SEOProductnaming in File Naming Construction and change order of chapters.

6. Chapter 2.3.1.: Addition of a new chpter regarding the structure of the file name

7. Chapter 2.2.5.: Ergänzung der Achsen

8. Chapter 2.1.4.: Specifying the clipping path and adding figure

9. Chapter 2.5.2.: Addtiion of the code values used to exchange data via GDSN

10. Chapter 2.2.5.: Errata: Specifying the 360 Turn: Image turns counterclockwise while camera spins clockwise

Specification target
This document describes specifications for the production of product images and media assets as well as the standard for naming the media files. The requirements have been developed together with industrial and trade experts from the fields of photography, marketing, eCommerce, print management and asset management. Alongside the uniform creation and processing of media assets, the field of application encompasses things such as 360 degree views for webshops or instore TV, displays for shelf optimisation and advertising images from lots of different perspectives for use in the field of marketing.

Field of application/validity
This document was developed with responsible persons from the consumer goods market (FMCG) and is therefore valid for the sections food, near-food, non-food and DIY