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3_Nachhaltigkeit: REWE Group – Our Sustainability Requirements for Non Food Suppliers
REWE Group – Our Sustainability Requirements for Non Food Suppliers

The following document outlines all sustainability requirements for Non Food REWE Far East (RFE) suppliers and Non Food importers (Non-RFE suppliers) who supply own brand products or products with REWE Group as distributor. In the following these suppliers are referred to as Non Food suppliers. If the term suppliers is used without further specification this refers also to this group of suppliers.

The REWE Group’s Code of Conduct for compliance with corporate due diligence standards in the supply chain (CoC for short) defines the non-negotiable minimum standards that suppliers must respect and adhere to in business transactions involving the companies of the REWE Group.

In case of cooperation it is obligatory to adhere to the CoC as well as the outlined sustainability requirements. Additionally, the documents provide further links to important information explaining our requirements in more detail. Any documents that need to be completed during the procurement process will be sent out separately when a contract is concluded.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sustainability department at the following email address: csr@rewe-fareast.com.