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REWE Group


REWE Group is one of the leading trading and travel and tourism groups in Europe


Ever since its founding in 1927, the cooperative corporate group has stood for sustainable and long-term growth. Today, national and international food trade and travel and tourism constitute the core business fields of the Group and its many employees throughout Europe.
One major pillar for today’s success is that REWE Group recognised and initiated at an early stage a fundamental process of necessary transformation. There have been significant changes in the challenges presented by the market as well as in customers’ expectations of quality in the past years. The internationalisation of food trade has continued to accelerate, consumption trends are developing at an increasingly rapid pace and both sustainability and responsibility have become integral components of business activities — whether in food trade or travel and tourism.
Following the conclusion of the REWE structural reform, REWE Group decided to adopt a new corporate mission statement in 2008. The four key building blocks of the new mission statement — Mission, Basic Values, Vision and Principles — strengthen the common identity shared throughout the corporation, reinforcing the stable cohesion of all parts of the Group, its employees and retailers under the umbrella of REWE Group — from Management Board to store level, warehouses and travel agencies.

You can find additional information about the company, sales lines and the orientation of REWE Group on the internet by going to http://www.rewe-group.com.